Obesity linked to 10 common cancers

Obesity or simply being overweight can put people at risk of developing 10 of the more common cancers, according to researchers from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

The scientists gathered data on 5 million people living in the U.K. and monitored changes to their health over a period of seven years. They found that each 13-16 kg of extra weight an average adult gained was linked directly to a greater risk of developing six cancers, including cancers of the uterus (the highest increased risk), gallbladder, kidney, cervix, thyroid and leukemia. People with a high body mass index were also at a higher risk of developing liver, colon and ovarian cancer.

Body Mass Index (BMI) seemed to affect cancers differently, however. For instance, the researchers noted that risk of uterine cancer increased substantially at a higher body mass index, but showed no increased risk for other cancers. In fact, it noted that a higher BMI is associated with a lower chance of developing prostate cancer. While it’s unclear how obesity may feed tumor growth, researchers say the link between the two is clear.

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Sourced from: BBC News, Being overweight or obese 'linked to 10 common cancers'