Obesity may change sense of taste

Obesity may reshape a person's sense of taste, according to a new study published in the journal PLOS ONE.

For the study, scientists from the University of Buffalo examined the effects of obesity on the sense of taste in mice, 25 of which were at normal weight and 25 of which were considered obese.

The mice were fed foods that were sweet, bitter and savory. Researchers measured the mice’s response to the different tastes through a process called calcium signaling, in which they tracked calcium level changes that corresponded with the recognition of different tastes.

The results showed that the obese mice were less able than the normal weight mice to recognize both sweetness and bitterness. Both groups of mice were able to recognize savory tastes to about the same degree.

Researchers said they that if they can learn more about how taste cells are affected by obesity and how to get those cells back to normal, it could lead to new treatments for obesity.

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Sourced from: Science Daily, Does Obesity Reshape Our Sense of Taste?