Obesity Research Group Funded by Coca-Cola Shuts Down

An obesity research group created by Coca-Cola has disbanded after public health officials contended that its purpose was to downplay the link between soda and weight gain.

Since the New York Times reported earlier this year that the work of the Global Energy Balance Network was funded by the soft drink giant, critics have charged that the group's mission was to influence obesity research so that less focus was on consumption of soda.

Some public health authorities have complained that Coke, the world’s largest producer of sugary beverages, was adopting tactics once used by the tobacco industry, which for decades enlisted experts to raise doubts about the health hazards of smoking. And last month, the University of Colorado School of Medicine said it would return a million dollar grant it had received from Coke to start the organization.

Earlier this week, the organization removed all content from its website and posted a brief statement saying it was discontinuing its operations “due to resource limitations.”

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Sourced from: New York Times, Research Group Funded by Coca-Cola to Disband