Occasional Sharp Shooting Pains Behind My Left Ear.


Asked by Gloria Wilson

Occasional Sharp Shooting Pains Behind My Left Ear.

I occasionally have a sharp shooting pain just behind my left ear. It feels like a small shock, and I wince every time it happens. I'm female, 62-years-old, and have lots of sinus issues. What do you recommend? Thanks so much. Gloria



What you describe could be ice pick headaches. They're very short, just a few seconds, sharp, and can be very startling. You can find more information in Ice Pick Headaches - The Basics.

As much as I want to help, the only person who can tell you what these pains are is a doctor who can review your medical history and family medical history, discuss these pains with you, and examine you in person. So, please take care of yourself by seeing your doctor about these pains?

I hope the information helps and that you find out what's causing these pains soon.


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