Can You Have Both Ocd And Adhd.


Asked by bobalou

Can You Have Both Ocd And Adhd.

My PCP diagnosed my ADD/ADHD as OCD and put me on yet another type of anti-depressant, Paxill. I'm sure I display OCD characteristic's. But my childhood is without a doubt ADHD from everything I've read. I would like my PCP to treat me with ADHD meds to see if they will work better for me. He said ADHD meds would agravate my OCD, PCP wants to contiue with anti-depressants for the time being. I will continue to push him to treat me for ADD/ADHD. Because anti-depressants no matter what kind and I have been on quite few over the years have not worked very well if at all. I'm a otherwise a well 54 year old male.I can't afford a psychologist. I've read so many life changing stories about people who have been treated with ADHD meds and how it helped to make them feel very positive and whole. I want to feel whole for the first time in my life.Anti-depressants don't cut it. Thanks very much.


Hi Bobalou:

It certainly sounds like you are struggling, and I'm sorry. I have seen many ADD/HD adults in my practice and know that many of them have symptoms of OCD in order to control the disorganization, you know?

OCD is an anxiety disorder that helps us feel in control and some antidepressants, usually at very high doses, can control it. If the OCD is causing the attention problem, then the antidepressant makes sense.

However, if the ADD is causing the OCD, then, yes, you are probably correct in thinking that a stimulant-type of medication would help. You might ask your doctor to put you on a trial of ADHD meds, so the two of you can "experiment" to see if it works. If it makes your ADD worse, then you have the answer. If it helps, you have your answer as well.

If you have insurance for a PCP, then I would think that it would cover a psychiatrist who might be able to understand your problem more clearly. If you don't have insurance, then you might call your local medical association to see if there are any psychiatrists in your area who work on a sliding scale.

It doesn't sound like you need a psychologist, just a psychiatrist. The difference is that one can prescribe and the other cannot.

I hope this helps,

Dr. Diana Walcutt

Answered by Diana L. Walcutt, M.D.