Odd Impact Exercises"”Are Good for Your Bones!

Now that winter is here and it's more difficult to get outside and do your normal exercise routine, many have included odd-impact exercise to strengthen their bones.

What are Odd-Impact Exercise?

According to Dr. Donohue, from the St. Louis Dispatch ...odd-impact exercises are ones that have an effect on the entire circumference of bones. They incorporate motions in many directions to achieve that effect. For example, walking forward, backward and sideward is odd-impact exercise. Soccer, tennis, handball, racquetball and step aerobics are considered odd-impact sports activities.

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It makes sense that exercising the entire circumference of your bone would be better than just exercising one portion of it by doing the usual walking and other weight-bearing exercises recommended for bone loss.   Check out the previous link for a really cool dance routine from Strictly Come Dancings judge/choreographer, Craig Revel Horwood called _Boogie For Your Bones _

If you're like me, you can tire of your normal routine of exercise and adding these additional moves sounds like a great alternative to straight walking and certainly more fun.  I have a friend who does this and loves doing it.   She says that sometimes she gets odd looks from passer-bys, but once they see what she's doing and why, they think it's a great idea to add dissimilar moves to the usual ones they do.   And added benefit is it makes the time more enjoyable and passes by more quickly with great advantage for your bone health.

Besides walking forward, backwards and sideways, you can also add a kick or two with every other step or so.   Walking on inclines, down slopes, over rocks and uneven surfaces can also provide this type of impact on the entire bone.   Even if you can't get outside, you may have enough room in your house to do this, by utilizing your hallways or wherever you have the room.   You don't need a ton of space to do this.   Try it while watching T.V., as long as you have a cleared area where you can do this without bumping into furniture.   We always want to be careful with throw rugs and furniture or clutter, so just makes sure you area of exercise is free from this so you can have some fun and exercise at the same time.

We still need to keep doing our weight-bearing exercise (any exercise that supports your body weight), resistance training (use of weights or exercise bands)

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and cardio workouts, but you can also include mixed-load exercise as well.   If you have any physical limitations or problems with any area of your body, please get approval from your doctor first so you don't cause further injury, or stress your joints that are already compromised by arthritis, joint injuries, etc.

What are Mixed-Load Exercise?


Dr. Donohue explains mixed-load exercise as the combination of various exercises like jogging, walking and stair-climbing - is another exercise said to get the entire bone involved and often is recommended for bone strengthening.


So why not consider some of these exercise alternatives to spice up your daily routine?   If you are doing these already, please share with us the unique things you've incorporated into your bone workout and have FUN!


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