On And Off Itching And Pain In One Breast


Asked by worried9

On And Off Itching And Pain In One Breast

about 4 months ago, my right breast began itching- not unbearable, but I just noticed it alot. I also have some intermittent pain that felt more like a muscle pull or ache but no rash, discharge, redness, or any other symptoms. I was really scared after a couple of weeks and saw my doctor. Had a mammo- it was fine, and doc said all looked good, but if it got worse, to come back. It did get better, and I was relieved. Now, the same itching and pain has returned- again with no other symptoms. I haven't changed detergents, lotions, etc... Should I be alarmed? Can IBC present like this?


If the symptoms four months ago were inflammatory breast cancer (IBC), they wouldn't have gone away. You do have muscles under your breast tissue, so the pain could have been some sort of muscle strain, especially if you are right-handed and had been doing a repetitive activity. The return of the itching may be hard to diagnose, but I doubt that it would be cancer. I'd suggest keeping a log of when these symptoms come and go along with any notes about unusual activities, skin care products, or other possible allergic triggers. If this bout of itching follows the same pattern as the last time, it may take a while to figure out the cause. Of course, if you do develop more severe or persistent symptoms than last time, you should go back to the doctor. I hope these symptoms disappear just like last time.

Answered by Phyllis Johnson