Offbeat Solutions for Sleep Disorders

by Florence Cardinal Patient Expert

A reader sent me an email a while ago concerning sleep eating. She suffered from sleepwalking and sleep eating until, she says: "In my late 20s I experienced years of distress due to this condition. No one really knew much about it at the time. The sleep disorder eventually developed into depression and a bear of an eating disorder, while continuing to rob me of restful sleep."

She tried numerous methods to rid herself of the disorder, including "alarms on my bedroom door, physical barricades, antidepressants, and therapy which only ever provided partial relief from related symptoms."

Then someone suggested she get a dog. She did, and that was the end of her problem. She writes: "After getting a really great collie (herding me to bed and keeping me there, perhaps), my sleepwalking declined dramatically and eventually let go of any real hold over my nights."

She has no scientific evidence to prove this worked for her and can only offer this anecdote from her own life. She goes on to say that this happened several years ago, and, although the dog has been gone a few years now, she doesn't have the sleepwalking/eating problem anymore. It sounds like, instead of her training the dog, the dog effectively trained her.

Sometimes, when all else fails, some offbeat method may just lead to a solution. Perhaps many of our illnesses and the cures are psychological. You can think yourself ill and you can think yourself cured. I know this isn't the case most of the time, but it is worth a thought. I've heard of cancer patients who have gone into remission using the power of positive thought.

Using meditation and affirmations may help you to heal. Many methods of healing using the mind are available. This is sometimes called Faith Healing. Why? Because we believe we will be healed and often we are.

These are some examples of offbeat methods of solving health related problems. I would love to hear about others, especially those related to sleep or sleep disorders. If you have any experiences you'd like to tell us about, please post a comment below.

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