Office Workers Should Stand Two Hours a Day

It’s been widely reported that sitting or being sedentary for long periods each day can have health consequences. Now, guidelines from the British Journal of Sports Medicine suggest office workers who sit at a desk should stand for at least two hours. The panel of health experts who made the recommendations added that people should have a goal of trying to stand four hours a day.

According to the panel, people who work in offices spend 65 to 75 percent of their time sitting, with 50 percent of this time spent in prolonged periods of sitting.

Other recommendations included the use of standing desks, avoiding prolonged periods of static standing, changing postures and incorporating light walking to reduce fatigue and pain. and having employers provide information on the harmful effects of prolonged sitting.

However, the panel also warned that changing the office environment is fine for the short term, but in the long run people need more education about the value of changing from a sedentary lifestyle.

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Sourced from:, Office workers 'should stand for at least 2 hours of working day'