I Often Get Angry And Depressed Over Little Things. What Is Wrong With Me?


Asked by skmeck18

I Often Get Angry And Depressed Over Little Things. What Is Wrong With Me?

It happens everytime me and my boyfriend fight over little things. The most recent was me getting mad at him because he won at a video game, or that he went to a movie with a friend and not me. This has been happening about 2 years now. I sometimes get partially violent too. I get jealous and get mad at him for making jokes about me to friends. I think about suicide about once a month or two months. I never would and know that, but I feel so mad sometimes that I want to hurt someone or break something. What is wrong with me? I want this to all go away... I want to be happy again... Oh and I am 18.


Hi there

Well from what you have described it seems that your anger is right on the surface. This is really good that you acknowledge it is there. Sometimes we get angry over things that aren't really the main issue.

What is it underneath that you are angry about? Do you have any thoughts about that?

Make a list...fill in the blank.

"I am angry because....." And list everything. Are there any themes to what you write? Are you angry because you don't have total control? Are you angry over the past? What is at the core of your anger?

I do think you are going to need someone to talk about these things with. I am going to suggest that you might investigate seeing a therapist or counselor or join a support group of some kind...where they meet in person.

If you are feeling suicidal please tell someone...you can come here and let us know what is going on or you can call a hotline.. Those feelings too can come from rage.

Keep writing and sharing. We want to listen.

Answered by Merely Me