How Often Should An Endoscopy Be Done?



How Often Should An Endoscopy Be Done?


Unfortunately, the answer is that it depends on the patient and the situation. For some people it may be more often. For example, if you had an endoscopy that showed a problem and then your doctor tried a new medication, he may want to rescope you to see if you have been helped by the medication. If on the other hand, if you become symptom free on the medication, he may feel it is unnecessary. My daughter was scoped at 11 months and at 2 years because despite meds she continued to have symptoms. Her scopes were to make sure she was being adequately treated despite the mild symptoms that continued. On the other hand, my boys were never scoped as they were symptom free on meds. My Mom gets scoped every few years just to keep an eye on things as she has flares and still has mild symptoms despite meds.

So, unfortunately, the only true answer is that it depends and you should ask your doctor what he feels is the best for you. If you are not comfortable with the frequency with which you are being scoped then you may want to seek a second opinion.


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