How Often Is Prozac Used For Adhd? Is It Safe?


Asked by DEBRA

How Often Is Prozac Used For Adhd? Is It Safe?


Hi Debra

It does seem that Prozac is being prescribed to people who have ADHD. My son is taking Prozac...he has autism but also has hyperactivity and lots of problems with paying attention. He is now thirteen and has been taking the Prozac for over a year now and it has really helped him immensely but...we were dealing with depressive symptoms with him. He would have meltdowns and crying jags and the Prozac absolutely decreased those symptoms. It does seem to make him hyperactive at times and I have heard this from other parents who have teens who take Prozac. So this has been our experience but one can't generalize from one story.

Are you thinking of taking Prozac or are you wondering about Prozac for your child? As far as safety...I like Prozac because there doesn't seem to be many side effects and it has been around forever...there are lots of studies on it and there doesn't seem to be the horrible withdrawal symptoms that you hear about with other medications.

And I always like to find forums where other patients discuss what the firsthand experience is like.

My best suggestion is to consult with your doctor or your child's doctor and discuss your concerns and ask what sort of expectations one should have for taking this medication. But you really won't know how it will work until it is taken.

Hope this helps some! Thank you for your question.

Answered by Merely Me