Is It Ok To Take Flagyl Metronidazole 400mg With Nexium Hp7?


Asked by Beck

Is It Ok To Take Flagyl Metronidazole 400mg With Nexium Hp7?

The doctor is not 100% sure what is wrong with me and is still doing tests. I have had to go over seas to a very remote place and my doctor gave me a Nexium Hp7 treatment to trial while away. I also have Flagyl that i was meant to take but had not yet started the course. Is it ok to take the two together or should i wait till i finish the 7day course of Nexium Hp7 which i have already started, before starting the Flagyl.

Symptoms are; stomach cramps/pains (feels like my stomach is pulsating), nausea, consterpation, diarrhea and most recently black poo, deficancies in iron and magnesium, wieght loss, loss of appetite and fatigue.


There are no listed drug interaction precautions for Flagyl and Nexium at:

Flagyl is an antibiotic which is often used to treat infections due to parasites or other microbes. Nexium on the other hand is a proton Pump Inhibitor which is for GERD.

You may want to discuss your concerns with your doctor about taking both medications simultaneously but if he did not intend you to do so I would think he would've either not prescribed them together or would've given you explicit directions of which one to take first, etc. You may also want to discuss though if there is a better time of day to take each one. For example, with meals, without meals, take them together or at different times of the day. You could also ask your pharmacist about this.

Good Luck - Stephanie

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