Can I Take Omeprazole While Taking Fluoxetine?


Asked by blessed1

Can I Take Omeprazole While Taking Fluoxetine?


This is a very interesting question. The short answer is you should ask your pharmacist and doctor and you should try to always go to the same pharmacist and make sure she knows all of the OTC medications you are taking.

The long answer is more interesting. The FDA just recently released a warning that you should not take Plavix with Prilosec or with Prozac (and a list of other medications) because they block an enzyme that is necessary for Plavix to work correctly. So, if you are taking both then you would think that you would be blocking even more of this enzyme. But, I have no idea what this enzyme does other than making Plavix work and there is no where that I can find that says you can't take the two together.

So..... ask your doctor or pharmacist.

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