One Boob Suddenly Growing Larger


Asked by inga-prinsessa

One Boob Suddenly Growing Larger

Hi, I'm 22 and have always had even breasts but in May I started feeling sore in my left breast especially if I touched it in certain spot and sometimes if i stretched my arm up. That's when I noticed that my left breast had grown noticeably bigger than the other. The sore spots in the breast were there for about a month but since mid-June I haven't had any pain anymore but the left breast is still very noticeably bigger and I think it has grown even more since I first noticed it. I'm worried because when you google one breast suddenly growing all that comes up is IBC. Is it possible to have IBC without any other symptoms than one breast growing? I also think I have fibrocystic breast tissue so I don't know if I have any lumps because both of my breasts have always felt "lumpy". I want to go to a doctor to have it looked at but I just moved to London so I don't have a GP, can I go to a walk in centre with this concern or will they just tell me to go to a GP? Also my dermatologist thinks I have hormonal imbalance, is it possible that that has caused one breast to grow without affecting the other breast at all? Thank you!


Hi - It's very unlikely that this would be an IBC symptom. It sounds like this symptom appeared about 3 months ago, and in that amount of time, if it signalled IBC, things would have gotten noticeably worse (redness, pain, stippled skin). You may have a cyst that's suddenly grown larger; and while this isn't dangerous, it could definitely produce some pain. An ultrasound might be able to identify if this is the problem. Since you're in London, you'll be relying on their NHS (national health service). I don't know the details for foreigners seeking treatment, but I'd assume you don't need a GP, but would just access the NHS wherever you find one. If for no othr reason than peace of mind, I think it would be good to find out what's going on. The good news is, it's been going on for 3 months without much (if any) change, so please don't worry about cancer; there's probably another cause. Best of luck - PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel