One Bright Red Dot On Right Breast/slightly Raised?


Asked by animalhoarder

One Bright Red Dot On Right Breast/slightly Raised?

I am only 14 but there has been a small bright red dot on my boob about an inch or 2 away from the nipple. It is slightly raised and when you touch it, it doesn't hurt but it seems to slightly fade away but then come right back. should i worry?


This sounds like a blood blister, or some other skin-type issue. If it persists longer than a month or so - or certainly if it gets worse and spreads - you'd want to see a doctor, just to find out what it is, and whether it needs treatment. But I wouldn't worry about breast cancer, OK? At your age, your chance of having breast cancer is less than 1 in a million; and what you describe isn't a breast cancer symptom. Kudos to you, though, for being aware of breast changes at your young age; it's definitely good practice for when you're older. Take care- PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel