One-Third of U.S. Families Struggle to Buy Food


According to a study conducted by researchers at the Ohio State University in Columbus, one-third of households in the United States struggle to get enough nutritious food. That’s double previous estimates.

For this study, the researchers surveyed 663 families in Columbus, Ohio – a racially and economically diverse area – examining hunger and the availability of food in nearby stores. They found that 32 percent of families surveyed experienced “food insecurity” and 16 percent experienced “very low food security,” meaning they missed meals and probably experienced hunger significant enough to impact their daily lives.

Of the families surveyed, 26 percent were “not at all satisfied” with their ability to access food easily, and 27 percent said it’s difficult for them to find fresh fruits and vegetables. Most of them – 86 percent – reported that nutritional value was “important” or “very important” when grocery shopping.

Sourced from: The Ohio State University