One More Reason to Pass on Soda

Soda and sugary drinks have been associated with a number of health problems—including weight gain and high blood sugar. In a recent study, researchers analyzed data on eating and drinking habits of about 70,000 adults for more than 13 years to determine if sugary drinks have other risks.

Being overweight and/or having high blood glucose levels can contribute to diabetes, so researchers decided to look at risk for cancers of the biliary tract and gallbladder. Over the course of the study, only 150 people developed these types of cancer. However, people who consumed more than 2 sugar- or artificially-sweetened drinks per day on average had more than twice the risk of gallbladder cancer and a 79% higher risk for biliary tract tumors than people who avoided juices and sodas.

This study was observational and doesn't prove a cause-effect relationship between sugary drinks and these rare cancers, but according to researchers, the study, "suggests that there is more than a plausible link; the incidence of biliary and gallbladder cancer was higher among individuals who consumed more sodas and juices."

Image Credit: Thinkstock

Sourced from: FOX News, Soda and other sweet drinks tied to risk for some rare cancers