A soda a day can increase diabetes risk

It may not seem like much, but, according to a study at Imperial College in London, just one can of sugary soda a day can significantly increase your risk of developing type 2 diabetes later in life. Researchers concluded that drinking a single 12-ounce sugar-sweetened drink every day may increase the risk by as much as 22 percent. .

This study observed 28,000 people using data from eight existing studies across eight European countries. When total energy intake and BMI of the participants were accounted for, the figure fell from 22 percent to 18 percent increased risk.  The results indicate that risk of type 2 diabetes goes beyond simply a sugary drink's effect on body weight.  Similar studies conducted with North American participants reflected a 25 percent increased risk of type 2 diabetes for each daily soft drink consumed.

This study also looked at the effects of pure fruit juice and nectar consumption, finding that this was not associated with increased risk of diabetes, though it was difficult to definitively make that statement given the challenge of identifying fruit juices with added sugar, as opposed to those that were 100 percent fruit juice.

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Sourced from: Science Daily, Drinking One 12-Ounce Sugar-Sweetened Soft Drink a Day Can Increase the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes by 22 Percent, Study Suggests