Online Organizational Tools

Health Writer

With all the time that we now spend in front of our computers, wouldn't it be great if we could use them to help improve our lives? For both adults with ADHD and teens, there are many online organizational services that can help to keep you on track.

Below are a number of these tools that I have found. Although not all of these have been tested, they sounded interesting and I hope that some will be able to help you to keep your life flowing smoothly.

Google Calendar

The Google Calendar has many different features. You can add your events, school projects, upcoming tests and much more. Even better, you can share your calendar with friends or ask teachers to set up a calendar for assignments. (Maybe a parent can volunteer to help the teacher set this up) This way, the calendar can be shared with the class and you, your children and their classmates have access to assignments, test dates and projects right on their computer.

You can set up reminders for events, including email or mobile phone notifications.

Desk Top Post It Notes

There are several of these free on the internet. A search for desktop post it notes will provide you with many different versions. Be careful when downloading to make sure the site is reputable. (I did not check this out as I have this feature in Vista and have made use of this feature.) If you have Vista for Windows, this feature is available by going to your options in the Control Panel. Some of the sites I found were: Notes

TK8 Easy Note

Crawler Notes

3m Post It Notes (not free but from a reputable company)

Annomate Online Personal Organizer

This one costs either $29.87 per year or $3.95 per month but has many different organizational tools to use:


File Sharing (Hold files from Excel, Powerpoint or Word and access them from another computer)


To-Do Lists

List Management


Remember the Milk

This integrates with Google Calendar and Twitter and helps you manage your online lists, set reminders via email, instant messenger and SMS. It allows you to create lists, manage your tasks and allows you to remind someone else what they need to do. This site is free.

I am sure there are many more online organizational tools and hope that you will add your favorite to the comments to help us all help one another.