Online, Self-Guided Therapy Might Curb Depression

Data from a study of 400 adults in Germany with some symptoms of depression suggest that learning behavioral and problem-solving skills via web-based training programs might help people in the early stages of the illness. Additionally, online self-guided intervention might play a role in preventing the transition to a full-blown depressive disorder.

The findings, published May 3 in the journal JAMA, are significant in part because researchers are seeing that prevention of -- or early management of -- depression can be as important as later, concerted treatment of the disease in terms of a patient's long-term health.

Researchers hope future studies will help to determine whether web-based, self-help programs can effectively reduce incidences of the onset of depression, as well as the rates of its recurrence.

Sourced from: Live Science, Major Depression Might Be Averted by Online Help: Study