Oral Depakote as a Migraine abortive?

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I was diagnosed with basilar migraines and was treated with intravenous DepaKote 750mg and it worked great in less than 15 minutes. For the past 5 years I had been taking oral DepaKote 750mg for prevention of migraines. I also have Chronic Lyme disease and Fibromyalgia and was taking a variety of other medications but began having problems being over sensitive to them or having strange and unexpected reactions that were not pleasant at all, nor predictable in the timing when they would happen or tolerable in any way. I would get over sedated unexpectedly or almost like a loony person out of my mind as if drunk, balance   problems, memory loss and black outs, are a few examples. Now I only take Norco for joint and muscle pain. My health has drastically improved and I am functioning closer to normal than I have since becoming sick now that I am taking less medications.

I would like to take DepaKote as an abortive medication and not a preventative medication for the migraines and my doctor refuses to prescribe it this way saying it does not work in this fashion. While I am fully aware it is not designed to work this way, I have taken it over 20 times on an "as needed" basis with timely and complete relief. Doesn't   it make sense to not take a bunch of medication until the time it is really needed? I would love to have another point of view and input regarding the use of Depakote this way!   Thank you for your time, Vicki.


Dear Vicki;

We have to concur with your doctor on this one. Medications such as Depakote work quite well to abort a Migraine for some people when administered in an IV infusion. For a single oral dose to abort a Migraine is unheard of.

Great care must be observed when prescribing or taking this type of medication. When taken orally, the initial dosage must be small. A single large dose can cause serious side effects including seizures.

Good luck,
John Claude Krusz and Teri Robert

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