Osteoporosis With A T Score Of -3.6 For Lumbar Spine


Asked by vamsi sujith

Osteoporosis With A T Score Of -3.6 For Lumbar Spine

HI all i am 20 years old and i have come to know recently that i have OSTEOPOROSIS when diagnosed there was a T SCORE OF -3.6 FOR LUMBAR SPINE......IM VERY MUCH OF MY LIFE as am i just 20 years old.......i have muscle pains all over my body, hypothyroidsm(i am just 4.7" feet tall), for more than a period of one year...can anyone of all the doctors in the world help me in eradicating all problems what i have.......i would pay them good enough


Hi vamsi welcome! So sorry to hear about your osteoporosis at such a young age! Have you had any fractures? I was just wondering why you had a dxa scan so young, unless you've already fractured.

Normally, osteoporosis doesn't cause pain until you've fractured a bone, so I would check with your doctor to see what is causing this.

The other health issues you mentioned can cause bone loss (hypothyroid) but usually that only happens when you take an excessive amount of thyroid medications, that could then cause you to lose some bone density.

Here's a link on secondary medical disorders that may cause bone loss and medications that can cause this as well.

Good luck finding out what is causing this bone loss and don't forget to get plenty of weight bearing exercise/calcium and vitamin D.

Answered by Pam Flores