Outside Ear Pain - Ear Lobe Pain Severe


Asked by Nikki

Outside Ear Pain - Ear Lobe Pain Severe

The upper outside of my ear first started feeling like a hair or something tickling it, then it progressed to where I had a spot that hurt so bad I couldn't touch it. I would rub around the spot until I could touch it and when I held my hand over it to warm it up it would go away. It gradually, over 2 years spread and got worse. Now my entire outside ear is very painful, extremely so that I can't touch it at times. Usually cold will make it start. Sometimes if I can get heat to it then it will go away and other times that don't help anymore. Now my other ear (outside) is starting the same way. I need to find out what this is. I am diabetic and it took years for it to be diagnoised even tho I went for testing, so I have neuropathy in my feet. Hope someone can help about the ears. Thanks.


Hi Nikki,

What you are experiencing with your ears could be connected with your nerves also. I recommend contacting your physician to discuss your symptoms. You may receive a referral to a specialist.

All the best,

Lisa Nelson RD

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