Can Ovarian Cysts Create Bloating?


Asked by lschultz

Can Ovarian Cysts Create Bloating?

I have lower right side pain in both the front and back, and I look like I'm five months pregnant; I have nausea, vomiting, a low fever (around 100), shortness of breath, and extreme fatigue. This started about 10 days ago right before follow-up for staph infection in upper thigh. (The staph infection came from a bee sting.)

Initially the doctor said she could tell where pain was because I have an involuntary guarding muscle reflex when she presses my stomach around the ovary area. Then she gave me bottle of Miralax to take over the weekend and said that the bloating would be gone by Monday. I took the entire bottle as instructed and of course was in the bathroom constantly.

I went back to doctor Monday and had actually gained 1 1/2 pounds. I have gained about 20 in the past 2-3 months! She ran a blood test, CA125, a flat plate x-ray to see my stomach, and a CT scan. She called last night and said I have a 1.7 cm non-functioning cyst in my right ovary, and that should not be causing the pain. She also said that my bloating is because I frequently re-use a to-go cup and am drinking from a straw and to stop doing that. She ended with, "start eating five small meals a day with plenty of water, and call me Friday if you don't feel better."

I'm extremely frustrated. While I know that ovaries don't have much to do with intestinal bloating, it all came about at the same time, and none of the symptoms have stopped. I still feel exactly the same as I did 10 days ago and feel as if I get bigger by the day. I'm 5 feet tall and my usual weight is around 117-120. I now weigh 138.5!



I know it has been a while, but what did the other doctor say about your symptoms? You have quite a collection of frustrating things going on, so I hope you've found some relief by now.

If you can, please consdier returning to the site and letting us know how you are doing. I'm sure that your experience could be of great help to others on the site.

I hope you are doing well!



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