Ovoid Dense Nodule Found At Six Month Check Up


Asked by apicollo

Ovoid Dense Nodule Found At Six Month Check Up

I just got a call back on my first six month mammogram. A small ovoid dense nodule was seen on one of the views. So, Monday I go for a spot compression view. This of course is to see if it changes shape which malignant recurrence do not change shape. I, of course, hope this is scar tissue and not a recurrence. My nurse navigator says it is common to get called back after a lumpectomy and radiation. She is not worried-says the report does not indicate cancer or trouble. I, on the other hand, am very nervous that a local recurrence might be in the card shuffle. Any thoughts on this dilemma or knowledge of other women with the same issue?


The nurse navigator isn't worried because she sees call backs all the time, and usually everything checks out just fine. You are worried because "usually" isn't good enough when it is your own body. I've been through more scares than I can remember for blood work, lumps, and, yes, mammograms. Fortunately, each time the scare turned out to be nothing serious. Do I still get anxious when follow-up tests are needed? You bet I do! I try to stay busy, and I make sure I understand who will get the test results and when they will be available. One thing to keep in mind is that now that you are a cancer survivor doctors will be more proactive about checking out little things that they might have a adopted a "wait and see" attitude about before you had cancer. Did they do an ultrasound to see if the nodule might be a cyst? I hope you get good news on Monday.

Answered by Phyllis Johnson