Is Oxycodone W/apap 5/325 Good For A Very Bad Sore Throat?


Asked by santino

Is Oxycodone W/apap 5/325 Good For A Very Bad Sore Throat?

I've had a sore throat for a week and a half now.It hurts so much now that it wakes me up .I should see a doctor,but don't have insurance.My girlfriend has Oxycodone/percocet 5/325.Will this help my sore throat pain minimize?


I wouldn't recommend taking oxycodone for a sore throat. Oxycodone is a pretty strong opioid (narcotic) and should only be used when prescribed by a doctor. (Actually taking someone else's medication is illegal.)

My greater concern is that you've had such a severe sore throat for so long. It could be strep throat for which you would need an antibiotic. Untreated strep can develop into rheumatic fever, which can be quite serious. As you said, you really do need to see a doctor.

I understand the problem of not having insurance, as I don't have insurance either. Many doctors will give you a discount if you pay cash at the time of your visit. Mine gives me a 30% discount. Or look for a clinic that doesn't accept insurance. Their rates are usually significantly less than standard doctor's offices. Some are called PATMOS clinics (Payment At Time Of Service). You might also try your local health department. Depending on your income level, treatment may be free or at a reduced rate based on your income. Please give serious thought to seeing a doctor.

Answered by Karen Lee Richards