Oxygen and Heparin Administered via a Nebulizer for Migraine Mitigation?

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Oxygen and Heparin Administered via a Nebulizer for Migraine Mitigation?

Are you aware of any research or protocol regarding the administration of heparin mixed with oxygen and induced with a nebulizer for the mitigation of migraine pain and relief?

My wife underwent this therapy approximately30 years ago. It was administered by her internist and mitigated or stopped the attack. However, the headaches would come back but with less frequency. aib.


Dear aib;

Oxygen (inhaled by mask) is quite beneficial for many cluster headache sufferers. A few Migraineurs have experienced some relief from oxygen, but it tends to be temporary. Heparin has not been shown effective for Migraine relief, to my knowledge, and would have a high potential to interact with other medications. Indeed, thinning the blood might well tend to make Migraines worse as the issue is more often dilated blood vessels rather than constricted ones. The vasoconstriction lasts a very short time, but the vasodilation continues until the Migraine is resolved.

A great deal more is known about Migraine and its treatment than was known 30 years ago. Today, we prefer to abort a Migraine -- stop the Migrainous process in the brain -- rather than "mitigating" the symptoms. The most commonly used agents for this are the triptans -- Imitrex, Maxalt, Zomig, etc.

Good luck,
John Claude Krusz and Teri Robert

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