Oxy-View Oxygen Therapy Eyeglasses - Crazy Idea or Brilliant Innovation?

Health Professional

I recently stumbled upon a website that talked about some kind of new oxygen delivery device called the Oxy-View Eyeglasses. Intrigued, I clicked on the link. Although my first instinct was that it was just a gimmick, after more research, I actually think it's quite a brilliant invention.

Here's the concept: Most people on supplemental oxygen therapy for COPD are older adults. A good number of them probably also wear corrective eyeglasses, since deteriorating vision is a frequent byproduct of aging. Also, there can be some reluctance to go out in public with clearly visible oxygen tubing prongs in your nose and across your face.

So, the inventor of the Oxy-View oxygen therapy eyeglasses thought, why not combine the two medical devices into one integrated device? The result is a set of eyeglasses that incorporate oxygen tubing, making it almost invisible -- or at least a lot less visible.

How It Works

Oxygen tubing attaches around the rear of the temple ear pieces, fitting into barely visible tubing that flows up and over the temple onto the front of the frame and around to the nose side of the lens. The tubing then extends down the crease of the nose and around into the nostrils. So, there is still a nasal prong, but it enters from the side, where it is less visible.

It's hard to explain all this in words. If you visit the site, you can watch an animation of how it works.

You do have to buy special eyeglass frames, but the website claims they are easily available from most opticians and some oxygen suppliers. Or they can just be ordered online from the website.

This form of therapy works with both single lumen and double lumen tubing, so whether you are using a portable Helios-type tank or traditional home oxygen, you can use the Oxy-View eyeglass device. Also, it can accommodate oxygen flow rates up to 5 LPM.

Why You Might Consider Switching to Oxy-View

Seems like a lot of trouble to go through, what with having to buy new eyeglasses, etc. Also, Medicare won't pay for it all, so you're probably going to have to layout some cash. So why should you consider buying from Oxy-View?

They claim the main benefits of this invention are an improved quality of life, because you are more likely to use your oxygen therapy, especially when you go out in public. And if you're using your oxygen, then chances are you'll feel better physically. Plus, with greater social acceptance can come better self-esteem too.

Testimonials on the site reinforce those claims, and they also got a positive review from the COPD Guide at About.com.

The cost for the eyeglasses is currently around $250, plus tubing and your prescription lenses. Not crazy expensive, but not cheap either.

So, if wearing your oxygen out in public bothers you, I would encourage you to take a look at the Oxy-View website.   Who knows? You might decide these eyeglasses would work for you too