Pain Along Outside Of Mid Foot


Asked by GNF

Pain Along Outside Of Mid Foot

I'm having pain on the outside of my foot. It's not inflamed or bruised though. When I walk I have to put more pressure on the inner side of the foot, and even turning in bed hurts. I haven't injured my foot that I know of, I just woke up like this one morning. Anyone know what it might be?



It's difficult to know what might be causing your pain, but pain in the mid foot could be a sign of a sprain, fracture, or tendon problem. As a community member said, it could also signal cuboid syndrome, which is caused when the peroneus longus muscle in the lower leg pulls on the cuboid bone in the foot, partially dislocating it. Only your doctor can help explain your pain, so make an appointment as soon as you can so you can be pain free. Best of luck!

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