Pain In Hips And Down Legs When Lying Down.


Asked by Lainie

Pain In Hips And Down Legs When Lying Down.

I have been experiencing pain in both hips and down both legs, in the front, back and in the Achilles tendons every day when I lie down. It has become more severe in the past week or so. I also have a mild form of multiple sclerosis so I am wondering if this leg, hip and Achilles tendon pain just might be due to that instead of the osteoporosis. Any ideas? Thank you for any advice on this!


Hi Lainie, welcome to the community. It sounds like you are doing the right things as far as supplements and exercise go, even though you are limited to what you can accomplish right now due to the pain. Osteoporosis doesn't usually cause pain until you fracture a bone. Since your pain is a radiating type of pain (possible nerve involvement) I would look into the possibility of it coming from your MS.

I hope you can find out from your Dr. what's going on, but until then we have a MS site here at HealthCentral where you could ask this question and get an answer from someone with MS and who is knowledgeable in this area. Here's the link for their Q&A at the MS site. If you find that it's not MS related you could ask your Dr. to check for a fracture to see if that could be causing the pain.

Good luck and I hope you find out what is causing this type of pain.

Answered by Pam Flores