Pain in back of head more than a year plus other symptoms?

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for more than a year i had pain in the back of my head and it turned out to be sinus infection but even with treatment the pain came back after 3 month. Now add to that pain, i have an other sharp pain in the right side of my head behind ear and i have balance problems, i pass out for seconds without really falling when im walking or even in bed. And sometimes I can't stand more than one voice or noise and sometimes i imagine that something is going to fall while i try to catch it but nothing is really going to fall. i visited my docter and he recommended an M.R.I brain scan, any suggestions about what could it be? Age: 18. Never had any headaches until one year ago. Malek

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Dear Malek;

There are some 300 types of headache disorders. We cannot give you medical advice, but we can share some information...

First, was a blood test or any other test run to confirm that you truly had a sinus infection? Sinus infections usually precipitate headache that's more facial pain or frontal headache, not pain in the back of the head.

Since you're "passing out," an MRI should be performed as well as testing to be sure you're not experiencing seizures. This is especially true with the balance problems.

Your description could point to Migraine, but that (or any) diagnosis must come from a physician who can review your medical history and family medical history, discuss your symptoms with you, examine you in person, and order and review necessary testing to come to a diagnosis. If there's any history of Migraine or "sick headache" in your family, it's important that you tell your doctor because Migraine is hereditary.

The sharp pains you describe could be ice pick headaches, but once again, only a doctor who actually sees and examines you can tell you if that's what they are.

Here are links to some articles that could relate to your symptoms. You can read them and discuss them with your doctor:

Hoping this helps,
John Claude Krusz and Teri Robert

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