I Have Pain Just Under My Rib Cage And Around To My Back


Asked by Herb

I Have Pain Just Under My Rib Cage And Around To My Back

I have pain just under my rib cage and around to my back. It feels like I have strained myself, but I haven't been doing anything. I've had this pain for two weeks. I feel great while lying down, but when I get up from lying down or sitting, the pain comes back. Do I need to go to a doctor?



It's possible you've pulled a muscle. As we get older it's not such a hard thing to do, I've heard of people pulling muscles while straining on the toilet. If the pain gets worse rather than better over the next day or two then I would recommend seeing your doctor. But, if it begins to improve then it is probably a pulled muscle and can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks to fully heal. If it is a pulled muscle then you need to take care not to strain it again.

I once pulled a muscle in my back from a simple sneeze. It took a good 3 weeks before it felt back to normal. I've also heard that a common way people strain muscles is putting their socks on in the morning - muscles are cold and more easily strained without hard-core activity.

If it is a strain, then applying an ice pack for about 20 mins. every 4-6 hours should help reduce any inflammation.

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Hope you feel better soon.


Answered by Elizabeth Roberts