Pain Under Left Arm, Causes?


Asked by Lucy

Pain Under Left Arm, Causes?

I have pain on the underside of my left arm, between my elbow and including my underarm. When I push on it, it is sore to the touch and it aches intermittently. I cannot feel any lumps per se but it sometimes feels like it's muscular pain. I also have intermittent pain to the touch under both of my breasts. My mammogram was normal and I continue to report these symptoms to my doctor but to no avail.

I'm 49 and hv been experiencing these symptoms for the past two plus years. My HMO doctor continues to dismiss them as nothing to worry about. She says it's hormones, consequences from my deodorant, an ingrown hair under my arm causing soreness, the way I shave, the type of bra's I wear (I discarded all wire bra's), etc. but I am getting nowhere fast.

I appreciate any input/suggestions/recommendations you may have. Bless you!



Thanks for your question. Sorry to hear you are so uncomfortable. Most doctors on the constant lookout for serious problems, and when they determine that nothing dangerous is going on, many physicians tend to dismiss the problems with short answers that do not always give comfort to their patients. In all likelihood, your doctor is sure that these are due to minor causes, all of which should clear on their own, or with some suggested changes he/she has made.

If you are still experiencing discomfort, it might be time for another opinion. There are a few other possibilities that could be causing your symptoms, such as some muscle disorders, that should be considered. A new perspective of your history and physical findings may be just the thing you need in getting to the bottom of things. If anything, you need a physician who will not only listen to you, but take the time to communicate in a way that will fully answer questions, as well as impart reassurance and confidence.

I hope this has been helpful.

Martin Cane, M.D.