I Have Pain On My Left Breast For About Two Weeks Now.


Asked by Meadow

I Have Pain On My Left Breast For About Two Weeks Now.


I have this pain on my left breast for about two weeks now and at first I thought maybe coz of my period but usually if I had my period two days after the pain goes away. However, its nothing like the pain I would have when I get my period. My son huged me and it felt like I got hit with a football or someone kicked my breast or something. I dont feel comfortable checking for lumps because I get this weird feeling in my stomach like Im going to throw up. I was a cancer survivor. I had bone cancer when I was 11 and had a leg amputation but I had been going through checkups yearly and I am now 25 years old. Is it possible for me to have breast cancer? When I am not wearing my prostetic leg I sometimes hop around like kangaroo and even when I hop my breast would hurt so bad or when I jump, but only my left breast. Can someone please help me. Thank You.


Hi - In general, breast cancer doesn't begin with pain. You're the exact right age to experience fibrocystic change, however, which is characterized by painful lumps and cysts. Please read our post on breast pain, and our post on fibrocystic change. I think each of these will give you the information you need to assess whether/when you should see a doctor about this. Which, you should probably do anyway, given the level of pain you're experiencing. Good luck - PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel