Pain In One Breast, Injury Or Something More Serious?


Asked by Cercy

Pain In One Breast, Injury Or Something More Serious?


I have a 21 month old daughter- who is the size of a 3 year old. She refused to sleep anywhere unless she was held. So, I spent the better part of the last two years with her sleeping for long stretches of time on top of my left breast, squishing it under what ended up to be 33 lbs of baby. I finally realized a few months ago that it was causing considerable pain- and that I have been complaining of shooting pains in that breast since shortly after her birth. It should also be noted that we attempted breast feeding and I ended up pumping until she was about 4 months old, and stopping abrubtly. The pain I experience is weird. Sometimes I can push hard on my breast and... nothing. No pain. Other times, I get rewarded with a sharp pain. And sometimes so much as brushing it hurts, or I get stabbing, radiating pains when just sitting there. The area below my breast, the three or so ribs down towards my spleen also hurts, but much less so, and less and less as time goes on. Does the breast just take forever to heal?

Also, my right breast hurts sometimes, mostly just before my period or when I am extremely stressed out. I guess what I am asking is.... can this be all due to an injury caused by having more than 30 lbs on my chest for the better part of two yers? If so, how long does injury take to repair? I am taking EPO (2 days now) and take regular fish oil. Also, I am 32 years old and have quite large breasts, but self examination does not reveal any lumps what-so-ever, and in the last two years I have had at least two manual exams by doctors as a part of my post-partum recovery. Any advice or thoughts would be great. I'm so sick of going through periods of just assuming this is an injury and then panicking every time I hear something related to breast cancer. Thank you for your time.


Cercy, Although the type of pain you describe is sometimes associated with inflammatory breast cancer (IBC), a rare type of breast cancer, by now I think you would have seen swelling, redness and other symptoms if this pain were cancer related. Nevertheless, you should see your doctor to discuss the pain. It may well be related to having the your daughter sleep on your chest, but maybe not since you still have the pain. You can read more about causes of breast pain at this link. Please check in with your doctor.

Answered by Phyllis Johnson