Pain In Pinky Finger


Asked by erin

Pain In Pinky Finger

For over a year I have had a constant stiffness and pain in my left pinky finger. It gets better and worse at different times, it just depends. I have to consciously think about bending it in order for it to bend. It feels like maybe something is disconnected or shifted and it is very stiff and constantly aching. Does anyone have any ideas as what it could be?


It's hard to say, especially if you don't remember any kind of injury to your pinky prior to the pain and stiffness. You could have a touch of arthritis in it. People who play the guitar a lot someties get something called Cubital Tunnel Syndrome, but there is usually also pain the elbow and inner forearm in addition to the pinky. You'll need to see a doctor to get an accurate diagnosis.

Answered by Karen Lee Richards