What Causes pain in my Groin when I Bend or Walk?


Asked by CCrealtor

I Have A Pain In My Right Groin Area It Catches If I Bend Or Am Walking

I have a pain in my right groin area which goes down my leg, if I bend over and get up it catches and is excruciating but goes away as quickly as it comes. I can be walking and it catches and I have to stop and wait a minute and then it goes away. Just sitting I can feel this in the groin and it goes down to behind the knee.

This almost feels like when I stretch it out by bending over and holding it, seems to give me some relief. Even just sitting I can feel this in the upper thigh and it goes into my upper butt area. I can feel this almost constantly in the right groin but it seems like it penetrates out. I do have insurance but a very high deductable self employed as a realtor money is tight anyone who has any advice for me I would greatly appreciate trying almost anything!!


I wish I could tell you what the problem is, but I'm afraid you really do need to see a doctor about it.

I can sympathize with your financial dilemma when it comes to going to the doctor. I have no insurance, so I'm faced with a similar problem. Ask your doctor's office if he gives a discount for paying cash. (Mine gives me a 30% discount.) If so, rather than having the doctor's office file with your insurance, pay for it yourself then file the paid bill with your insurance company to apply towards your deductible.

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