Pain In Right Hip And Lower Back On That Side


Asked by Candace

Pain In Right Hip And Lower Back On That Side

I have had severe pain in my right kidney to my right lower back, and the pain is now in my right hip. It sometimes feels like a stabbing pain in my ovary area. I did go to a doctor and right away he said "physical therapy." I could not stand to even go through that and it has not gotten better but worse. I have also lost a great deal of weight in the past two weeks (almost 30 lbs.) and have bloating. Any ideas as to what this is or what I should be checked for?


You definitely need to go back to the doctor as soon as possible. If you aren't getting the right care from the one you have gone to you have the right to a second opinion. There's just no way for us to know what's going on but your family history is very concerning. I would think they would want to rule these out. If they feel they have then they should be able to tell you why.

Take care - Stephanie

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