Can You Have Pain In Your Skull And Neck With Ra?


Asked by Angie

Can You Have Pain In Your Skull And Neck With Ra?

Is it common to have pain at the bottom of your skull and neck with RA? I can hardly move my neck and my head around the bottom of my skull aches!!!


HI Angie,

Absolutely! My neck and the base of my skull were one of the primary areas affected by RA, and were the reason I was referred to physical therapy. Once my meds (I am on enbrel and plaquenil) kicked in, it lessened some, and the PT really helped me, not only in relieving tension and pain, but my physical therapist taught me some good exercises to do to loosen the knots all the inflammation was causing and build strength so that there was less pressure/stress on those tiny little neck joints in the cervical spine.

I also used a heating pad on my neck when it would flare up. You could try this, though for some people, heat irritates the inflammation. For others like me, it helped quite a bit.

Ask your rheumatologist if they can refer you to a good physical therapist trained in working with people with RA, or go get a massage-that helped me quite a bit, too!

Good luck,


Answered by Sara Nash