I Have A Pain In My Upper Left Side Of My Chest


Asked by Ted

I Have A Pain In My Upper Left Side Of My Chest

I have a pain in my upper left side of my chest and it feels like a pulled something, but the pain goes into my back. When I raise my right arm over my head it hurts, but it doesn't do this when I do the same with my left. When I turn my head to the left it hurts, also, but again, not to the right.


Hi Ted,

Your symptoms could be a number of things - a pulled muscle, a disc problem, or a pinched nerve. It could also be a heart problem, so you should be evaluated by a physician as soon as possible. Please review the following link and contact your physician for an evaluation or seek immediate medical attention if you beleive you are having a heart attack.

Heart Attack Symptoms

Also, read this link: Chest Pain: What it Means...

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Karen McPartland, RD, CSSD