Pain In The Wrist & Electricity Like Shocks Through My Hand


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Pain In The Wrist & Electricity Like Shocks Through My Hand

I used to have pain in my wrist when I used it to get up off the floor, etc. Now when I extend my arm out straight & bend my wrist in a downward motion, I get electricity like shocks that shoot up through the top of my hand & it has left my skin on the top of my hand by the knuckles numb. I also can find the nerve in my wrist area & lightly rub it & can feel the nerve all the way up to my knuckles & get the electricity like shock feelings that way too.

I had a x-ray & it showed up ok. Now I have to have a nerve test. What could this be?


It sounds very much like carpal tunnel syndrome. Electric shocklike pain when you bend your wrist is very common in that disorder. There are basically two parts to a comprehensive diagnostic examination of carpal tunnel syndrome; the first is an x-ray, which you've had and the second is a nerve study that examines how well the nerves and muscles are working together.

Carpel tunnel syndrome is usually treatable but it can take some time to figure out the best way to treat it. Many people use splints, others find relief from the right stretching exercises, massage can help for some and for some surgery is necessary.

Some diseases such as diabetes, thyroid problems, arthritis and conditions like pregnancy can increase one's risk for carpal tunnel syndrome.

If you're interested in alternative methods you might want to try out the Egoscue method or Anat Baniels Move For Life work. Each try to rebalance the body so that the trauma is reduced. Good luck!

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