I Have a Painful Bump on my Areola. How Do I Get Rid of it?


Asked by Tasha

I Have A Painful Bump On My Areola It Has Been There For Four Days How Do I Get Rid Of It


Tasha, there are so many possible causes for a painful bump, that it's hard to say what to do about it. You might have a clogged Montgomery's gland (the little bumps on your areola) or a clogged milk duct if the bump is in the nipple area. You might have a pimple, boil, or other type of skin infection. It could be a sebaceous cyst (although those aren't usually painful). If the pain is severe or if you have a fever, call the doctor right away and get some guidance about whether you need to be seen. If it doesn't get better in a week or two or if it gets worse, you'll want to have a doctor look at this. The good news is that breast cancer lumps are not usually on the surface of the breast and they are not usually painful.

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