I Have A Painful Bump On My Nipple. Do You Know What It Is?


Asked by blackwydow

I Have A Painful Bump On My Nipple. Do You Know What It Is?

It hurts when my clothes touch it.


Your nipple is covered with tiny oil glands, called Montgomery glands, that keep it supple. Sometimes these glands get blocked, and can become enlarged and inflamed - much like a pimple that might appear on your nose or forehead. This could very well be what you're experiencing. A bit more serious problem would be an infected milk duct. But either way, a painful bump on the nipple isn't a typical breast cancer symptom.

Try putting warm compresses on it, and see if that helps. If it doesn't help within a few days; and certainly if the bump gets worse - larger, more painful - then it's time to see a doctor, as you might have an infection that needs treatment. In the meantime, our post on nipple pain will give you more insight into how to handle this.

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