Painful Bump On Nipple What Should I Do?



Painful Bump On Nipple What Should I Do?

I am 29 years old with a really painful bump on my left nipple, it has been there for a few years but now it is really hurting. Before i could squeeze the bump and some stuff would come out and it would get smaller now I can't squeeze it at all it hurts really bad and it is making my chest and back hurt as well and it seems to be getting bigger and bigger, I'm afraid because my grandmother had to have a breast removed. Should i worry so much what should i do? i can't even were a bra or sleep on my stomach. VERY SCARED


Hi - Please don't spend time worrying about this when a trip to the doctor will set you on the road to recovery. A painful bump on your nipple that's been there for several years doesn't sound like breast cancer; it sounds like a long-term infection. And since it's getting worse, it's time for action. So CALL THE DOCTOR or find a walk-in clinic, and get some help for this, OK? (Your aunt having breast cancer doesn't increase your risk, so please don't worry about that.) Good luck - PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel