Painful Burning after Ejaculation?

Health Professional

Dear Dr. Motola:** I am 62 years old. In August of 2007 I had PVP surgery after suffering for 9 years with symtoms of an enlarged prostate. The operation was successful. My stream is strong and I get up only once at night to urinate. I got my life back. I don't have "urgency" issues and kayak, travel and basically enjoy life. I experienced many of the common post-op complications, including the need for catheterization several days after surgery, passing blood clots and intense burning while urinating. After 6 months everything was fine, except for one lingering problem. I experienced a burning sensation after ejaculation. I returned to my doctor for some answers and he was baffled. The burning ranges from very intense to very mild. Now, 14 months after the surgery, I still have this lingering problem and no answers. Can anyone help?**

Burning on ejaculation may be associated with prostatitis. Cultures of the semen may have some benefit in trying to determine the cause of the burning. A course of antibiotic therapy may be helpful. If cultures are negative, then cystoscopy may be of some benefit in trying to determine the cause of your problem