Painful Knots In Lower Legs??has Anyone Experienced This?


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Painful Knots In Lower Legs??has Anyone Experienced This?

I have had fibromyalgia for over fiftheen years now,and I do have tender points, but have been experiencing something unusual to the fibro,down each leg in equal spaces of about an inch,they are on the right and left side and on the front and back equally spaced ,one right after the other, I have these reallyyyyy hard knots ,if I can withstand the pain and press on them long enough the pain will ease up a little, but only for a short time.i FEEL i AM LOOSING MY MIND WITH THIS PAIN AND THE FIBRO AND ARTHRITIS PAIN, MY KNEES ARE IN BAD SHAPE ALSO.Any info on this I will truly treasure.PLEASE HELP!!

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I wonder if you have myofascial pain syndrome as well as FM. In MPS these strange painful knotty trigger points form in the muscles. They often trigger pain outside the muscle as well:

There are some treatments for MPS:

Here's a self treatment book:

Good luck!