Pale Pink Around The Areola


Asked by Worriedme

Pale Pink Around The Areola

Hello, I'm 30 years old and this is the second month that I get pale pink around the areola for barely a day during my period and then it disappears. Also one of the little bumps on the areola, becomes larger and hurts but again barely for a day. I started laser 2 months ago. Just wondering if it has anything to do with it. I am googling now and freaking out with the results. It's not itchy or hot. Just a bit painful yesterday evening until my period started. Now the pain is gone and the pale pink is disappearing. Could it be cancer??? :( shall I do mamo for the first time? I also have to mention that I Have few hairs and I pluck them but havent been plucking them for few weeks now.


Color changes that come and go are not a sign of cancer. The little bumps on your aureola are called Montgomery's glands. Sometimes they can get irritated or clogged. Usually that resolves without treatment as yours did. I'm not sure what part of your body you are getting laser treatments on or for what purpose, but laser treatments certainly could cause irritation. Be sure to let the person doing the treatments know about the changes you are experiencing. You don't need to worry about a change that lasts for a day or even a week. If you experience increasing redness or pain, and if it doesn't go away after your period, you need to contact a doctor just in case you have an infection or other problem that needs a doctor's attention.

Answered by Phyllis Johnson