Paralyzed Man Uses Thoughts to Move Hand, Arm

Researchers at Case Western Reserve University, the Cleveland VA Medical Center and University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center report that a 56-year-old man paralyzed in a bicycle accident when he was in his 40s has regained use of his arm and hand -- by controlling them with his thoughts.

Using an experimental system that, in effect, decodes Bill Kochevar's thoughts via electrode arrays implanted in his brain, doctors created a new connection between Kochevar's brain and his right hand and arm. The damage he sustained to his spine in the bicycle accident a decade ago had long kept brain signals from reaching muscles in his extremities. But the new connection, he says, is "amazing."

"I thought about moving my arm and I could move it," Kochevar says in a video produced by Case Western."I ate a pretzel, I drank water." The findings were reported in The Lancet.

Image Credit: iStock

Sourced from: NPR