Both Parents Had Ms What Are My Chances Of Having It?


Asked by Sdobosh

Both Parents Had Ms What Are My Chances Of Having It?

So both my parents had MS. I'm 23 now and both my parents had passed away due to MS. My father had it my whole life and my mom was diagnosed when I was 6. I've been having on and off tingling and numbness in my feet and pain in my arm. I'm nervous that I may have it. I'm going to a doctor in a couple weeks but I'm really nervous. What are my actually chances of getting or having ms? If seen how ms works personally and what it does to a person. I took care of my parents all my life and now they are gone. It really just scares me.


Hi Sdobosh, I'm sorry to learn that both of your parents lived with MS and have died due to MS. I don't know which form of MS your parents had, but I imagine that you were a wonderful support to each of them in dealing with the disease. It is certainly scary to think that you might be developing MS as well. According to the National MS Society, the risk of developing MS in the general population (for someone without a relative with MS) is about 0.1%. Very low risk. The risk for someone for whom both parents had MS is about 12.2%. Honestly, that is a large increase in risk. Since you notice unusual sensations (tingling, numbness, pain), it's a good that you consult with a neurologist. Earlier diagnosis and early treatment are proven to be more effective in fighting back against the disease and the options for treatment are much different now than when each of your parents developed MS. Please feel empowered that you are taking action now to find out what might be going on with you and causing your symptoms. That can't be easy to do since you have seen firsthand what the disease can do to some people. But each of us who have MS experience a wide variety of impact from the disease. Please let us know how you are doing and how your doctor's visit goes. It's perfectly natural to feel nervous and anxious. Best of luck, Lisa

Answered by Lisa Emrich